Nancy Miles had a love for animals from the time she was a small child. That love flamed into a passion that changed the future of countless numbers of animals in her community.

As an adult, Nancy’s zeal turned into a personal mission to end the use of decompression chambers as a means of the euthanasia of unwanted pets in Clark County. She led a march from the Clark County Courthouse through the streets of Vancouver and gathered the support of a large and vocal group of people that would in time make it illegal to use the decompression chamber at the South West Washington Humane Society.

Nancy’s life continued with a laser focus toward the betterment of the welfare of all animals. One day she received a phone call regarding a horse that was in desperate need of rescue. Nancy recognized this horse as being the offspring of a horse her own grandfather had bred. Nancy and her family decided that dogs and cats weren’t the only animals that needed help, so they promptly sold their home and moved out to acreage. Here Nancy and her family would end up rescuing a horse, a rooster, dogs, cats, chickens, donkeys, and brahma bulls.

Not only did Nancy’s life revolve around the love and care of the animals she took in, but she was still dedicated to the animals in need within her community. The spaying and neutering of all pets became a very important part of Nancy’s mission. Her philosophy, drive and unyielding love for animals pushed her to found “People United for Animals” (P.U.F.A.). The organization has been helping spay and neuter animals who would otherwise go unaltered since March 17th, 1992.

Nancy’s beloved friends, and fellow animal lovers, Walt and Clora Brownfield, saw the importance of the work P.U.F.A. was doing. They went on to set up the Walt and Clora Brownfield Animal Fund. An Oregon Community Foundation Fund Grant, which continues to donate annually.

Nancy has stopped an inhumane way of euthanasia for pets in Clark County. Nancy has rescued pets and farm animals. Then to assure unwanted litters of cats and dogs were not born into this already overpopulated and potentially dangerous world, Nancy put her hard work and dedication toward a strong organization that continues to grow. Nancy Miles’ legacy will continue to fuel People United for Animal’s mission well into the future, and the hearts of those of us blessed enough to have known her.